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Quizcover has three types of purchasable boosters, which then have different effects depending on the type of question you use them on.

These are the three booster types:

Remove Reveal Hint
availability Level 3 Level 1 Level 4
icon on Answering Interface
AnimIcn Punch 000@3x.png
AnimIcn Magic 000@3x.png
AnimIcn Light 000@3x.png
icon in booster purchase popup

In terms of what these boosters cost in Quizcover coins, the price ratio is roughly 1:2:3 (Remove:Reveal:Hint), reflecting the fact that the Reveal booster, wherever it is available, delivers greater value than a mere removal, but a hint is more powerful because it relates to an entire question, not just a single item.

Remove Reveal Hint
package of 3 9 coins 19 coins 29 coins
package of 9 27 coins 57 coins 87 coins
package of 18 49 coins 99 coins 149 coins

The boosters you buy are stored on your local device (unlike coins, which are device-independent). Therefore, you can't take them with you to another device, and they'll be lost if you delete the app. That's why Quizcover doesn't allow you to own large quantities of boosters at the same time.

Every time you use a booster, the game gives you five extra seconds, which is more than it takes any booster to execute.

If you accidentally use a booster, and if that booster requires you to choose an item, then you can normally cancel the operation instead of selecting an item.

The following matrix shows what effect each booster has with respect to a given question type:

Remove Reveal Hint
PickOne eliminate a false answer option N/A get alternative question text leading to the same answer
PickSome eliminate a chosen button reveal correct state of a chosen button get number of correct answers
MatchTwo eliminate a pair based on choice of box or movable object form a correct pair based on choice of box or movable object color-code all boxes and movable objects: different colors can't go together