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Boosters are an integal part of Quizcover:

  • Rather than merely making it easier to score, they actually create nice tactical options. For example, the Hint booster can color-code a MatchTwo question or reveal the number of correct answers to a PickSome question.
  • The difficulty of Quizcover's trivia questions must be seen in light of the availability of boosters. Many questions that appear somewhat hard without boosters are still a challenge, but a more surmountable one, if you use one or more boosters.
  • Boosters can be purchased (in the form of packages, which cost coins, and by becoming a VIP user), but you can also obtain some for free. From time to time, the game will give you some to reward you for your progress. A free booster is available every day. And your first booster per question is free if you active Ad Mode.
  • If you use one or more boosters on a question (except for free ones) and fail to score regardless, you get them back.

Retries aren't boosters. They're more like renting a tennis court for some additional time. That's why they don't fall under the Booster Back guarantee. Still they represent another chance to score at all or to improve a score.