Quizcover Wiki

After the Countdown Screen, Quizcover firstly displays the question text without the elements you need for answering the question (such as buttons, movable objects, and boxes), but with a large topic icon:

IMG 0641.PNG

The Home and Skip buttons, if available, work the same way as on the Countdown Screen but, if you exit at this point, you will be deemed to have failed to score on the question.

The timer at the top is frozen until you can actually answer. Its purpose in connection with the Enlarged Question Text is just to indicate to you how much time you'll have to answer this question.

The timer will start (and the objects you need for answering the question will appear) either after the shrinking blue frame around the green "Play immediately" button has disappeared completely or if you tap on that button.

Whether you hit the "Play immediately" button or let the timer expire, the next screen provides the Answering Interface.

Benefits of the Enlarged Question Text

  1. Most question texts are short, but sometimes they must be long in order to be precise. In those cases, it helps to read the question text in a larger font.
  2. Seeing the question text before the timer actually starts will help you set a speed record on a question.
  3. Future upgrades will allow switching from one question type to another in some situations. Certain type switches wouldn't make sense after the answer objects have already appeared.
  4. Future upgrades will introduce a question type that needs so much space for the answer objects that it sometimes scrolls out the question text as part of the animation. It will be possible to bring it back at any time, but it helps to read the text first.
  5. Some of the topic icons look better with more space than they get on the Countdown Screen :-)