Quizcover Wiki

Quizcover offers multiple types of contests and challenges. It's everyone's choice which goals to pursue primarily, but whether you prefer rankings over duels or streaks over topic-specific levels, it is recommended to place particular emphasis on reaching ever higher "Overall" levels: initially, higher "Overall" levels unlock features (such as additional boosters), and later the game makes you such presents as a 24-hour status upgrade. Also, the level bonus you earn each time you score on a question is a multiple of your "Overall" level.

Level upgrades are also available for each separately-playable topic.

Streaks and superstreaks are series of questions on which you score at least one point each (streak) or the total number of winnable points (superstreak).

Achievements are medals that you collect as you meet certain criteria, such as scoring on a given number of questions or answering a question of a particular type in less than a specified amount of time. Like Olympic medals, achievements come in gold, silver, and bronze.

Records are a personal thing: the game remembers the shortest time in which you managed to score on a question or the maximum number of points you earned on a single question.

Rankings are provided for various combinations of a topic (including "Overall" as the most coveted category), geographic region, and period. For example, a topic can have everything down from a "Worldwide All-Time" ranking to a "City Daily" ranking.

Duels are a means of squaring off directly with another player. Either duelist plays 12 questions, and the one who scores more points on them wins.