Quizcover Wiki

For each separately-playable topic, including "Overall" (aka "King of the Topics"), Quizcover keeps track of the points you score and the level you have reached.

When you reach a higher level, a congratulatory ZakZak animation is played:

LevelUp Congratulatory Animation.png

Increasing Distance Between Levels

The higher your level, the greater the distance between your current level and the next higher one.

Level Bonus Based on Overall Level

Every time you score on a question, you collect level bonus points (twice as many as your "Overall" level). Those bonus points, however, are not counted for duels. Otherwise the player with the higher level would have an unfair advantage.

Relevance of Levels to Rankings

All-time rankings are sorted primarily by level and only secondarily by points. Limited-period (i.e., annual, monthly, weekly, daily) rankings are sorted primarily by points and only secondarily by level.

Feature Unlocks Based on Overall Level

When new features are unlocked, they are sometimes explained by a short tutorial.

Level Features Unlocked
1 Streaks



2 Skipping Questions
3 Remove Booster
4 Hint Booster
5 ---
6 Retries

As new features (such as new question types) are added to Quizcover, their availability, too, will depend on a user's Overall level. If someone is already past the level at which a new feature is made available, it will be activated next time the user plays.

Rewards (Give-Aways) Based on Overall Level

Note: if you already have a certain status (VIP, Second Chance) thanks to a subscription, the game gives you a bunch of boosters instead.

Level Reward(s)
1-4 ---
5 VIP Status for 24 Hours
6 ---
7 3x Reveal Booster
8 3x Hint
9 Second Chance for 24 Hours
10 3x Remove Booster

3x Reveal Booster

3x Hint Booster


After level ..., the cycle from level ... to level ... is repeated endlessly.