Quizcover Wiki

Whether Quizcover is played in single-player or dual-player mode, there is a certain sequence of screens that appear in connection with each question (unless you decide to cut it short by double-tapping on a green "Continue" button, in which case some screens may be skipped). That sequence of screens is collectively referred to as the "question cycle".

1) Countdown Screen
IMG 0622.PNG
2) Enlarged Question Text
IMG 0623.PNG
3) Answering Interface
IMG 0624.PNG
4) Basic Outcome Feedback
IMG 0629.PNG
5) Solution Display
IMG 0637.PNG
6) Post-Solution Screen
IMG 0628.PNG
  • The Countdown Screen announces the type of the upcoming question, the number of winnable points, and (unless it is a Mixed Bag question) one or more of the topics. If a streak or duel is ongoing, some related information is additionally provided.
  • The Enlarged Question Text is shown for a limited period of time before one can actually answer the question.
  • The Answering Interface shows the question text (no longer enlarged), provides buttons or movable objects needed to answer the question, and makes boosters available.
  • The Basic Outcome Feedback gives players an indication, immediately after submitting an answer, as to how many points they would score if they submitted their answer now, and what impact this answer would have on any streak and/or superstreak that may be ongoing.
  • The Solution Display shows which parts of the user's answer were right or wrong, and what a perfect answer would look like. It comes with a built-in video player control for replay purposes.
  • The Post-Solution Screen has two distinct one areas: near the top, it provides additional information on the question just played (such as links to Wikipedia pages on persons or things that appeared on the screen), and below it indicates the user's score and ranking positions with respect to each topic the question is assigned to.

In addition to the screens mentioned above, additional screens may appear in certain situations. For example, a match summary appears after every three questions of a duel, and advertisements appear if one is playing in Ad Mode.