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For many years, the trivia game genre used to be associated with the traditional question type where one of the answer options is correct and the others (typically three of them) are wrong.

Quizcover also comes with that question type (in Quizcover, it's called PickOne), but it features other question types as well -- and several more question types will be made available through updates. These are the three question types supported by Quizcover's initial release:

Name Screenshot Logic
IMG 0654.PNG
PickOne questions have one correct answer option and typically three incorrect ones (Quizcover also supports other numbers).

If you select the right one, you get the points shown on the Countdown Screen before the question starts.

If you select a wrong one, you don't get points (unless you can and do improve your answer with a retry).

Since Quizcover has other question types available, its PickOne questions avoid some of the problems seen in certain single-type games, such as questions where each button contains a list of words (in such a case, Quizcover would show a PickSome question instead of a PickOne).

IMG 0666.PNG
In a PickSome question, one or more answer options are correct answers to the question text, and one or more are not.

If you tap on a button the first time, it turns orange and looks like a pressed button. That's the way you tell the game that you believe the button contains one of the correct answers to the question.

The name of the name is not just to get all the right answers correct. It's also key that you don't select any wrong ones. If you selected an item that should be selected, you get points just as if you had not selected an item that indeed should not be selected. But if you incorrectly select an item or incorrectly fail to select it, half the number of points you can win per item will be deducted.

IMG 0624.PNG
MatchTwo is Quizcover's first drag-and-drop question type: you answer a question by dragging questions into the right position.

It's your task to drag each movable object (such as the name of a person) into the correct box below.

For each correctly-formed pair, you get a certain number of points. For each pair that you failed to match correctly, half the number of points you could have won is deducted.

MatchTwo questions can often be solved by means of exclusion: after you've made some obvious matches and ruled out some connections that wouldn't make sense, an entirely correct solution may fall into place.

While PickOne is an appropriate question type for many purposes, PickSome and MatchTwo questions

  • combine multiple facts in a single question,
  • come with a booster that reveals parts of the answer by solving the question with respect to an item of the user's choice, and
  • allow differentiated scoring (between 100% correct and 100% incorrect, there is also a chance of getting some percentage of the points winnable on a given question).

Quizcover's developers are almost done implementing a handful of other question types and will make them available through updates.