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Records are your personal

  • maximum number of points ever scored on a question and
  • minimum amount of time for correctly answering a question of a particular type.

In order to qualify, those records must meet minimum thresholds. After you've set a record, you can improve it, though at some point you'll be so good you can't even beat yourself anymore...

Name Icon Description
Maximum Points
Maximum Points Record.png
Highest number of points scored on a single question. The higher the difficulty level of a question is, the more points you earn; questions also yield more points if they involve a large number of items.
PickOne Speed
PickOne Speed Record.png
The faster you answer a PickOne question correctly, the better.
PickSome Speed
PickSome Speed Record.png
The faster you answer a PickSome question correctly, the better.
MatchTwo Speed TO DO: add icon after correct implementation TO DO: add description after correct implementation