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The Remove booster, represented on the screen by a boxing glove, is the lowest-cost booster in Quizcover. It becomes available when you reach Overall Level 2.


The Remove booster has the following effects (by question type):

PickOne eliminate a false answer option
PickSome eliminate a chosen button
MatchTwo eliminate a pair based on choice of box or movable object

Using the Remove Booster

On a PickOne Question, you just tap on the boxing glove icon (if you've run out of Remove boosters, you need to purchase another package of 3, 9, or 18 units), and one false choice is automatically removed:

Before After
IMG 0747.PNG
IMG 0748.PNG

In the example above, the option "Secretary of State" was thrown out. The number of points winnable on this question is not affected by removing a false PickOne answer option.

On a PickSome question, you get to choose which button to remove. In the example below, "Brazil" was selected for removal:

Before After
IMG 0749.PNG
IMG 0750.PNG

When you use the Remove booster on a MatchTwo question, you can choose either a container box or a movable object, and the corresponding item of the other type will then be thrown out as well:

Before After
IMG 0745.PNG
IMG 0746.PNG

In the example above, the pair consisting of the container box labeled "Idaho" and the movable object labeled "ID" was removed. The user could have tapped on either "ID" or "Idaho"; the effect would have been the same.

Purchasing Cost

quantity coins
3 9
9 27
18 49

Comparison to Other Boosters

For PickOne questions, the Reveal booster isn't available at all(since it would have to solve the entire question), and the Hint booster is available only if the game finds another question that leads to the same answer.

For PickSome and MatchTwo questions, it's just a question of how much you wish to spend. Removing a button from a PickSome question or a pair from a MatchTwo question is helpful because you avoid a potential deduction of points for getting that button or pair wrong. On a MatchTwo question, you additionally get the benefit that every such removal reduces the number of potential combinations.

But you won't get points on the buttons or pairs you remove. You just make it easier for yourself to score on the rest. By contrast, the Reveal booster solves a part of a question for you and you get points on those items. So with respect to those two question types, the Reveal booster is hands-down superior over the Remove booster, but it also costs roughly twice as much in coins.

While the Hint booster doesn't directly solve anything for you, it provides you with information that makes it easier to get everything right. The benefit of this is hard to compare with what the other boosters do. On MatchTwo questions, the Hint booster is incredibly powerful, so if you get a free booster on a question (be it thanks to your VIP status or playing in Ad Mode), it probably makes sense most of the time to use the Hint booster first (and maybe use other boosters later).