Quizcover Wiki

Quizcover allows you to try again... and again... and again. In total, you can make up to four attempts per question, but retries aren't free. They can't be obtained in exchange for viewing ads. Also, they aren't boosters, so they do not fall under the Booster Back guarantee.

As long as you haven't scored 100% of the points winnable on a question, the Basic Outcome Feedback will give you the option of submitting a modified answer (until you run out of time, but with every retry you get additional time anyway):

IMG 0625.PNG

The Improve button in the bottom left corner of the above screen is labeled "Save Your Streak" if a streak or superstreak will end unless you improve your answer.

When the Basic Outcome Feedback appears, you have to make up your mind rather quickly if you wish to retry. Otherwise, the game will proceed to the Solution Display.

Hitting Improve (or "Save Your Streak") on the Basic Outcome Feedback brings up the following popup:

IMG 0772.PNG

In the popup shown above, these are your options:

  • submit your most recent answer (free); this is the default and it will happen unless you make up your mind quickly enough to purchase another try;
  • buy a 24-hour Second Chance upgrade if you haven't already; if you do, you get a second tree (without any further charge) on each question, provided that a retry is available at all; and
  • buy a one-time retry (in the example, you can see the cost for a second try, which is 9 coins).

Up to four attempts per question are possible. You always see the points and percentages each of your answers would be worth, and if an older one was better than your most recent one, you can also submit that one (though this, too, will cost coins). The game will then show the Solution Display based on the answer you have elected to make your definitive one.

In the Quizcover Shop, you can buy a monthly, automatically-renewing Second Chance subscription, which gives you a free second try on each question (provided that a second try is available), or a 24-hour status upgrade to the same effect:

Second Chance Offerings in Shop.png

If you opt for the 24-hour upgrade (which is discounted the first time you buy it), the game will notify you of the end of the 24-hour period and offer you a renewal or a monthly subscription.

Note that the Second Chance subscription can be combined with a VIP subscription and/or Ad Mode.