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The Reveal booster, represented on the screen by a magician's hat and a magic wand, is the first booster made available to Quizcover users. It is explained by the initial tutorial.

It reveals a part of an answer. Since PickOne questions only have a one-part answer and no booster should singlehandedly solve a question, it's available only on the multi-object question types PickSome and MatchTwo.


The Reveal booster has the following effects (by question type):

PickOne N/A
PickSome reveal correct state (selected or unselected) of a chosen button
MatchTwo form a correct pair based on choice of container box or movable object

Using the Reveal Booster

On a PickSome question, tap on the magician's hat button (if you've run out, you need to buy a new package of 3, 9, or 18 units) and subsequently select the button whose correct state (selected or unselected) you wish to reveal:

Before After
IMG 0754.PNG
IMG 0755.PNG

In the example above, the "James Monroe" button was selected for revelation. Since James Monroe was one of the many presidents with a legal background, the button then automatically turned orange (= it's selected). That selection, once it is made by the Reveal booster, can't be changed anymore. A small magician's-hat-plus-magic-wand icon on the button reminds you that you had used the Reveal booster on it.

On a MatchTwo question, after tapping on the Reveal button you can either choose a container box or a movable object, and the correct pair will then be formed:

Before After
IMG 0752.PNG
IMG 0753.PNG

In the above example, the pair consisting of the container box labeled "track and field" and the movable object labeled "Sergey Bubka" was formed by the booster, which is why a small booster icon appears on the object. This effect could have been achieved either by tapping on "Sergey Bubka" or on "track and field" (in each case after tapping on the booster button first).

 Purchasing Cost

quantity coins
3 19
9 57
18 99

Comparison to Other Boosters 

On the two question types on which the Reveal booster can be used, its benefits are a superset of those of the Remove booster: rather than merely eliminating out a part of the challenge, the booster solves it and you get points for it.

On MatchTwo questions, the Hint booster is typically more powerful, but there can be situations in which the Reveal booster proves even more useful. The most powerful combination on a standard four-pair MatchTwo question is to use the Hint booster first and subsequently to use the Reveal booster on one item of either color. That way you can solve the entire question with the help of boosters.