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All questions of a duel must be played by both duelists, but in single-player mode one has the flexibility to skip questions. The Skip Button is available on the Countdown Screen, the Enlarged Question Text, and the Answering Interface.

10 Free Skips Per Day

The first ten skips on any given day are free. You can't save them for use on other days, and you can't use them while a streak is ongoing.

Cost of Skipping

Skipping is considerably more expensive after you've seen the Enlarged Question Text than it is on the Countdown Screen. But it doesn't get more expensive if you start answering the question or even if you submit an answer: after a retry you can also skip.

Generally speaking, the more often you skip, the more expensive it gets (after the free allotment). It gets particularly expensive if you try to keep a streak going by means of skipping. In many cases you'll find it a better use of your coins to use boosters, though there will be situations in which the safest choice is to skip a question entirely.

Cost of Skipping on the Countdown Screen

number of skips on given day coins
up to 10 (except during streak) free
11th-20th 1
21st-30th 2
31st-49th 3
50th and beyond 5

Cost of Skipping After the Countdown Screen Without Streak

number of skips on given day coins
up to 10 free
11th-20h 2
21st-30th 3
31st-49th 5
50th and beyond 7

Cost of Skipping After the Countdown Screen With Ongoing Streak

streak length

(# questions)

3-5 3
6-10 5
11-19 9
20-29 19
30-39 39
40-49 59
50-59 79
60-69 99
70-79 129
80-89 159
90-99 199
100 and more 299